About Me

Welcome to Rosalynn’s Journey: Bridging Engineering, Arts, and Life!

Bonjour! I’m Rosalynn, and this space is where my diverse passions converge into a tapestry of experiences and insights. With a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a proud recipient of the “Chapeau les filles” scholarship in 2007, I’ve spent over 15 years navigating the realms of branding, social media, public relations, and technology.

My journey in technology began early— at the age of 8, I built my first solar-powered robot, a gift that sparked a lifelong fascination with robotics. Sent to me by my mother’s half-sibling who worked in Japan, it laid the foundation for a future at the intersection of creativity and engineering.

In 2008, I ventured into the media world as a model, actress, and TV collaborator. It was a dynamic period, playing roles in numerous music videos—from hip hop chart-toppers like Choclair to French-Canadian artist Martin Alarie, and internationally acclaimed Afro-techno group H’sao.

As an active UDA stagiaire member with three decades of experience in the media arts, from radio and TV to the ever-evolving landscapes of the internet and social media, I’ve delved into the transformative power of storytelling.

Beyond the professional sphere, I’m a multi-faceted individual. In my earlier years, I carved a path as a martial arts athlete, clinching victories in numerous national and international Championships for Karate Shotokan. Music is another realm where I’ve found expression; as a classical pianist, I’ve not only nurtured a natural love for music but also earned accolades in provincial and national contests.

In the corporate arena, I bring over 15 years of expertise as a fixer, specializing in crisis management, and several years in technology and telecom. My diverse experiences have equipped me with resourcefulness, quick thinking, and problem-solving skills.

During my pregnancy, I collaborated on a full TV season about sex and relationships on channels like Moi et Compagnie. This unique experience, coupled with invitations to radio shows featuring radio moguls like Joselito Michaud, provided invaluable insights into the French Canadian media landscape. Working alongside esteemed cultural icons, producers, and writers was truly enriching—it’s been a great journey.

In addition to my media ventures, I’ve successfully produced and hosted an entire pilot season for the Quelque Show. This experience allowed me to further explore the intersections of creativity and technology in the dynamic world of television.

Known for my versatility and resilience—qualities honed through a dynamic career and personal challenges—I triumphed over an advanced stage of a rare cancer a decade ago, entering complete remission. This victory took on an even more profound meaning when, post-recovery, I welcomed a beautiful child into my life. Every day is a blessing as I watch my child grow and thrive.

As a highly skilled negotiator and communicator, I bring a strategic edge to my pursuits. Join me on this multifaceted journey where I share insights, stories, and the joy of living a life intertwined with technology, arts, and resilience. Together, let’s explore the endless possibilities that make life truly extraordinary!

Warmest Regards,